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The home of the original oil drain plug since 1983

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We would like to introduce you to the world of simple oil drain plugs for different sectors. Our oil drain plugs are manufactured to revolutionize your oil draining experience. No more fumbling, just a simple and quick oil drain plug, the most convenient tool you have ever had. We want to introduce you to a world where oil changes are no longer a chore, but a piece of cake. Trust our oil drain systems and experience the convenience for yourself.

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How ordering our oil drain systems works

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Find your oil drain valve size

Use our website to find the right oil drain valve for your vehicle or equipment. Are you in need of something specific or custom-made? Contact us!

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Order Online

Easily order online on our website and get fast shipping with customer service you can expect from Femco® Drain Technology.

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Install onto your vehicle

Our oil drainage system is quick to install onto your vehicle. After that, you will not need any tools to drain your oil. Fast, safe, easy and clean oil changes are made possible through our oil drain system!

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ISO 9001

Our innovations

Are you looking for an easy drain oil plug for your engine? Then Femco® Drain Technology is the right place for you. We strive to develop oil drain plugs that make oil changes as efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly as possible in every situation. Hence, we are always developing a new oil drain plug and looking for options to innovate our engine oil drain plug. We do this by monitoring developments in a range of markets and by analyzing the suggestions and requirements of our international clientele. Quality and reliability are the most important during our production process. Every quick release oil drain plug is thoroughly tested before they are released for production. As a result, you can be sure that our oil drain plugs and oil pan plugs are of the highest quality. We surely have the right option for you. Our non-drip plugs are, for example, the perfect solution to avoid excess oil being spilled after or during draining and filling.

Drain system for vehicles

Femco® Drain Technology produces drainage systems for vehicles such as trucks, heavy equipment, cars, motorbikes, mopeds, caravans, boats and camper vans. With the oil drain valves from our company, draining liquids and oil is an easy task. The Femco oil drain plug allows you to drain your oil pan within seconds. Our drain valves are perfect for every vehicle owner, manufacturer or garage. For small maintenance and major maintenance, you should use fast, innovative Femco® Drain Technology.

Our Sectors

Do you oversee a large fleet of trucks and do you want to buy oil drain valves for your business? In our web shop you will find our complete collection of drain plugs for a wide variety of trucks. With every drain plug you will find more product information and the corresponding dimensions. This way, you will know for sure if the plug fits your trucks. Many international, large organizations come to us for our innovative drain technology.

Drain liquids quicky and environmentally friendly

Every sector is subjected to stricter environmental legislation. Also increasing fuel costs take up an ever-increasing cost item. We therefore ensure that an engine oil change is quick, easy and environmentally friendly. By correctly replacing oil and liquids, an earth-moving machine works better. Also, you trucks will consume much less fuel and the oil consumption will be reduced when oil is changed regularly. In addition, with a correction method there is no waste of old oil or liquids. By avoiding waste and saving fuel, the use of the oil drain valves is environmentally friendly. Also important, the time for maintenance will be reduced by using our drain plugs. This lowers maintenance costs, a win-win situation!

Our oil drain valves are suitable for a wide variety of trucks and machinery. Do you have questions about a Femco drain plug? Take a look at our frequently asked questions or contact us. We are more than happy to help you with all your questions and comments about our drain technology.


Draining system for agricultural machinery

Femco produces tapping systems for agricultural machines. Tractors, harvesters, grassland handlers, subsoilers, milking machines and sowing machines run smooth and well with regular maintenance. Use our oil drain technology systems for agricultural machinery. With the drain plugs, draining liquids and oil is an easy task. Our oil drain systems for agricultural machines are installed at once, which prevents a damaged screw thread and leakage. Even with frequent use, our high-quality drain plugs for agricultural machines have a long service life.


Drainage system for the energy sector
Femco® Drain Technology produces oil drain systems for the energy sector, including windmills, aggregates and power plants. Draining fluids and oil is an easy task with an oil drain system by our engineers. Our oil drain valve is installed once, making a damaged screw thread a thing of the past. Even with frequent use of our high-quality drain plugs, our products have a long service life. Internationally, our oil drain plugsare used for regular maintenance in the energy sector.

Earth-moving equipment

Oil drain system for earth-moving machines
Regular maintenance is important for a perfectly functioning earth-moving machine. However, this maintenance is sometimes postponed by owners or companies, since it also generates additional costs. We offer a solution with the fast, simple and environmentally-friendly drainage systems for earth-moving machines of, for instance, the Caterpillar brand.

This means that the maintenance of your construction machine or mini excavators takes less time. It reduces the chance of your machine breaking down on location due to delayed maintenance. All you need is a drain plug, a collection container, drain and a little bit of time. The earth-moving machine drain plugs save every machine owner a lot of time.

Earth-moving machines are expensive and large machines. With proper maintenance these machines can do a long and proper job. We produce innovative oil drain systems for earthmoving machines such as pipelayers, industrial excavators, dumping trucks and bulldozers. Oil change, checking engine oil or draining coolant is a fast and easy job with our high-quality oil drain system. The result? Quick maintenance and a well running earthmoving machine.


Oil drain systems for industrial machinery
We produce oil drain valves for machines, including industrial machines. Draining or a quick change of liquids or oil is a fast and easy job with our oil drain system. We have a drain plug for large and small industrial machines that fits perfectly. Our high-quality drain plugs are suitable for daily use and have a long service life.

Be quick and order your easy-to-use drain system
Trust our experts for excellent oil drain systems. Our quick-witted engineers have made a quick-to-use and easy-to-understand oil drain system for your machines. Especially if you have a large fleet, our oil systems save you massive amounts of time and money.

Secure the perfect quick release oil drain plug today

Finding the right easy drain oil plug for your needs is essential for ensuring a quick and simple task when working with an engine. Our oil drain plugs stand out for their easy connection, guaranteeing a swift experience every time. The efficiency of our engine oil drain plug will ensure you spend minimal time on the job, giving you more time for other tasks. Browse our selection to find the quick release oil drain plug that best fits your requirements. Once you have made your choice, add the easy drain oil plug to your shopping cart and proceed with the order. Don’t hesitate to connect with our team of experienced engineers.