Sump Plug

The oil drain plug from Femco® Drain Technology is the easy and compact solution for issues with a sump plug while changing the oil of your engine. Conventional plugs need to be unscrewed from the sump every time and this can lead to a range of problems. For instance, the threads of both the sump plug and the oil pan of your engine can be stripped. This can lead to a leaking sump plug and even more serious damage to the engine. It is also possible that the plug gets stuck and even breaks off. These problems can cost a lot of service time and money. Our compact oil drain sump plug only needs to be installed once, which is easy to do, and prevents problems like stripped threads and a leaking or broken plug.

Our engine sump plug is an excellent solution for easy and compact oil drain

The constant unscrewing of the sump oil pan plug can lead to stripped threads and a broken plug. Stripped threads are a very common problem and repairing this can be very expensive. Furthermore, broken threads can cause serious engine damage. The compact oil sump plug of Femco® Drain Technology eliminates stripped threads, broken seals and seized sump plugs, all without having to use tools!

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Stripped threads and broken sump plugs

Common problems with oil change are stripped threads and a broken sump plug, which is usually caused by turning the sump plug backwards incorrectly or too tightly. This may result in a stripped thread, which can lead to an unusable plug and serious damage to the engine. A stripped thread can also cause the sump plug to leak. Another thing that occurs often, is the sump plug breaking and a broken plug is difficult to remove. Replacing damaged oil sump threads can take a lot of time. Because the compact oil drain sump plug from our company is installed only once, you can prevent damage to the tread, the engine and to the oil pan. Furthermore, our oil drain plug also puts an end to the nightmare of broken plugs.

Leaking sump plug

As a result of a stripped screw thread or broken seals, the sump plug can leak. This is awful since oil is of vital importance to the engine. Oil not only reduces the friction between moving parts, but it also reduces wear and cools the tank, preventing overheating. Insufficient oil in the sump can also cause damage to your engine that cannot be repaired. The Femco® Drain Technology oil drain plug prevents the sump from leaking and makes oil changes quicker, easier, and cleaner. It is also quick to connect. For that reason, our oil drain plug is one of the must haves when it comes to vehicle parts.

Tools to change the oil (with sump plug)

When changing oil, you need the right size ring spanner to loosen the sump plug. It is common to damage the pan by using the wrong size. The threads can also be damaged by turning the plug back too quickly after oil change. Stripped threads, broken plugs and a damaged sump are therefore common problems. Because you do not need any tools with our oil drain plug, you can quickly and easily change the oil and you do not have to worry about damage to the thread or the sump. This oil drain system and sump plug also does not drip oil all over your engine.

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Search on vehicle or plug, the price per piece is indicated. Do you need a larger number of pieces? Ordering is easy and fast! With the Femco® Drain Technology oil sump plug you no longer need a screw thread repair set or a sump plug repair kit! As a specialist in compact drainage systems, we make it easy, sustainable, and quick for you to change your oil using our oil sump plug. With this special oil drain plug, oil change for a vehicle is faster. Furthermore, you protect your screw thread and oil pan plug, and is easy to release. Do you have any questions about our products? Contact us through our us using our contact page and ask your questions about our engine sump plug to our customer service. We will gladly help you with all your questions and comments! Send an e-mail to