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A Femco® Drain Technology oil drain plug is an automotive engine part that is used to make oil changes an easy, simple and clean process. We offer a wide range of oil drain plugs. Are you looking for a quick and simple oil drain plug and valve that is easy to use? Each has a specific purpose, and it is crucial that you select an option that suits your needs best. Use our search engine on the homepage to find the right plug size for your application(s).

A simple solution to finding and measuring your oil drain plug size

Do you want to know which oil drain plug and valve you need to fit your oil pan? Find out more about which oil plug size you need here. Finding the correct size is essential for a good seal between the plug and the oil pan.

Original oil drain plug

We introduced the Standard plug to make routine oil changes an easy, clean and more environmentally-friendly job. The Standard plug is manufactured out of 100% brass, which makes it easy to change and drain hot oil*. Additionally, the oil drain plug and valve features a quick and easy-to-use dust cover and a double O-ring, which protects the plug and ensures reliable performance. You screw the drain plug on the oil pan and screw on a drain piece if you want to drain the oil. There is no need to use heavy wrenches or keys with our plugs! This is the easiest and most common way to drain oil from your vehicle, you will not need to use any tools after installation. 

Compact oil drain plugs

Compact drains is the smallest type oil drain plug we produce and is the perfect choice for simple oil changes in tight spaces. The compact plug only extends 12 millimeters from the oil pan. As a result, the compact plug is especially suitable for vehicles with low ground clearance, such as a car, truck, bus and motorcycle. Therefore, you can install the Compact plug on any vehicle without worrying about the available space. – The compact plug is also a common option for personal vehicles. This is an excellent choice for vehicles that drive off-road or have their oil pans in tight spaces.

Click Drain plugs

Our Click Drain system is the quickest solution for maintenance of your vehicles and machines. The Click Drain oil drain system consists of an oil drain plug and a clicker. When it is time for an oil change, you simply click the Clicker onto the plug to start draining the oil. To accelerate the drainage process even further, you can also use the Click Drain in combination with the Femco® Drain Technology Mobile Service Units. This is often used for maintenance of larger fleets and not something typically used for personal vehicles.

XL oil drain plug

The XL is the biggest oil drain plug we produce and is an easy and ideal solution for vehicles and machines with a large oil capacity. Our easy-to-use XL plug has an optimized flow and is specially designed to drain large volumes of oil in a short amount of time. Therefore, the XL plug is the ideal solution for heavy equipment such as trucks and mining equipment. To service fleets of large vehicles we have also introduced the XL Click Drain. This quick-coupling system combines the advantages of the XL and the Click Drain plugs. Therefore, the XL Click Drain is the most effective solution for fleets of heavy equipment and trains. – This is used on heavy duty vehicles and equipment that require a larger flow-rate. For this reason, our company is regularly present at trade fairs of industrial sectors.

Non-Drip plug

Non-drip plugs are the perfect solution to avoiding excess oil being spilled after or during draining and filling. Using a single oil plug to drain and fill fluids adds tremendous value if there is no excess residue left behind. This will ensure a more efficient, safe and productive workplace.

With the possibility of the changing fluids without any excess residue, maintenance teams can service their vehicles and equipment in remote locations. This is an ideal solution for several industries, including: mining, oil & gas, trucking, construction and others.

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Our oil drain plugs are:


Almost all our oil drain plugs are made from solid brass. This high-quality metal is heat-resistant and makes sure you can safely change hot oil*. The iconic green hose ensures that the hot oil never touches your hands, and allows you to drain hot fluids efficiently. Furthermore, this also lets fluids run out faster than when the oil is cold, then it becomes thicker and slower to drain out of the oil pan.

Environmentally friendly

Our oil drain plugs prevent spillages and allow you to change the engine oil of your vehicles in a clean and sustainable way. In addition to this, the plug ensures your hands stay clean, meaning you can save water and prevent oil being poured down your sink. Therefore, draining oil with our oil drain plugs is environmentally friendly!


Our oil drain solutions help you to perform a quick and easy oil change whilst reducing downtime significantly. Draining the oil will no longer be a time-consuming struggle. The iconic click series allows you to easily drain oil by clicking on the coupling. Reducing downtime can greatly impact your financial bottom-line. This is because your trucks can spend less time on waiting for oil to cool and drain, and spend more time where your truck belongs: on the road!

Easily find the correct oil drain plug

Are you still doubting which drain plug is the correct one? Then you can filter by vehicle, such as the drain plug for a car, so the quest to find the right valve or plug is quick, easy and simple. Furthermore on the top of this page, you can easily filter results after filling in some info. Select model, manufacturer, year and engine and our handy ‘find your product’- filter will show you the most suitable oil drain plug(s).

About our company and the oil drain plug

The Femco® Drain Technology drainage systems are the result of over 40 years of experience in developing and manufacturing oil drain plugs. Our plugs enable technicians to change oil in an efficient, safe and more environmentally friendly way. We also continue to make our products even quicker and easier to use, and we listen carefully to the requirements and suggestions of customers. This gives you the certainty that you invest in the highest quality drainage systems. Using a oil drain plug and valve by our company makes routine oil changes a piece of cake. Besides this, they also contribute to a safe and sustainable working environment.

We offer multiple drain plugs; this way you can find a suitable plug, for cars to boats and heavy duty machinery.

Our engineers have years of experience with oil drain plugs. We listen to the demands of the industries and have updated our oil drain plugs, oil drain valves and Mobile Service Units to be the best oil drain systems available! Our expertise has made us worldwide market leaders, when it comes to oil drain plugs and other drainage systems. So order your plugs and other solutions easily in our online store. If you have any questions about our plugs, take a look at our FAQ!

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Choose the correct oil drain plug for you task, so you can do your job in an easy, quick and simple way. Our oil drain plug is always quick and easy to connect, and so simple it takes very little of your time. Place your desired quick and easy drain oil plug or valve in the shopping cart and order straight away or get in touch with our experienced engineers using our contact page or reach out to our office:
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While Femco plugs allow you to change hot oil, the oil will still be hot..