Femco Oil Drain Plugs for John Deere

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Faster and safer oil change for John Deere equipment!

Performing frequent and proper maintenance on John Deere equipment ensures a long and reliable service life.
An important part of maintenance is changing the oil regularly.

Thanks to Femco’s innovations in drain plug technology, changing oil is much faster and cleaner than ever before.

Femco Oil Drain Plugs

Whether you have a have a large fleet or just a handful of personal pieces of equipment, Femco has options to suit your needs.

Standard Plug (few vehicles):

The Standard Plug is easy to install in place of the original oil plug. When you’re ready to change your oil, you can simply screw the Femco drainer on the plug. The valve will open and the oil will flow out. 
This plug makes it possible to drain oil (hot) at engine temperature. Because the system is closed, it eliminates risk of oil leaks. This makes for a much cleaner and safer work place!

Way to use Oil Drain Plug

Click Drain Plug (fleet maintenance):

The Click Drain Plug has the same advantages as mentioned above with the Standard. The difference is that with the Click Drain there is no need to screw on a drainer. With a Femco Clicker Coupling you can easily click the drainer on to the plug.
Femco’s Click Drain System is perfect for use in combination with an evac unit for a full oil change in just a few seconds.

click drain system Femco

John Deere Engines

John Deere makes large variety of tractors and equipment. The plug sizes on the engines are diverse.
If you know the plug size you can easily find the right plug on the website.
Don’t know the plug size? Here is a list of John Deere engines: