XL Series

The XL Series Plugs are ideal for large machinery that have substantial oil reservoirs to drain and fill. Due to the plug’s large size, oil has a fast flow rate. This leads to a far quicker drain and fill time. 

This plug comes with a dust-cap with an inserted O-ring, ensuring a durable and reliable experience. Furthermore, this solid brass oil drain plug uses a brass drain or clicker to open the plug’s valve to allow the oil to flow from the oil pan. Thanks to its design and construction, you are able to drain oil and fluids at engine temperature, saving maintenance downtime and increasing safety in the workshop. In addition to this, the durability and quality of the system allows Femco to offer its customers a limited lifetime warranty on the original oil drain plugs.


This solution is ideal for large machinery such as dump trucks, cranes, trains, ships and more


This large XL plug ensures a faster oil flow rate, making oil changes faster when servicing large vehicles and equipment with large oil reservoirs

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